IMPORTANT! You must set your radio to Narrow Deviation (NFM) when using internet gateways.

Connecting to HUBNet via Analogue Repeaters and RF Gateways in the UK

GB7HN- Leigh, Wigan, UK
430.8750MHz +7.6MHz 82.5Hz

GB3SJ - Repeater, Northwich, UK

145.6875MHz -600kHz 103.5Hz

GB3PF - Nelson, Lancashire, UK

433.000MHz + 1.6MHz 82.5Hz

GB3WB - Weston-super-Mare, UK

433.300MHz +1.6MHz 94.8Hz

GB3WE - Weston-super-Mare, UK

433.125MHz +1.6KHz 94.8Hz

GB3DE - Ipswich, UK

433.1750MHz +1.6MHz 110.9Hz

GB3WJ - Scunthorpe, UK

433.125MHz +1.600MHz 88.5Hz

GB3KD - Kidderminster, UK

145.7875MHz -600kHz 118.8Hz

GB3DE - Mendelsham, UK

433.1750MHz +1.6MHz 110.9Hz


MB7ISJ - Northwhich, UK
29.280MHz, 77Hz

MB7IAA - Scunthorpe, UK
145.2375MHz, 88.5Hz


MB7IAR - Arisaig, Scotland, UK
145.2875MHz, 88.5Hz


MB7ALF - Hornsea, East Yorkshire, UK
430.0125MHz, 88.5Hz


MB7ALC - North Anston, Sheffield, UK
430.0375MHz, 71.9Hz


MB7ALB - Rotherham South Yorkshire, UK
430.0625MHz, 71.9Hz

MB7IDP - Cannock, Staffordshire, UK
145.3375MHz, 103.5Hz
Dial *61 to access HUBNet


MB7IGY - Vale, Guernsey, UK 

145.3375MHz, 77.0Hz

MB7IAG - Milton Keynes, UK

144.9625MHz, 103.5Hz

MB7IVG - Long Preston, Skipton, UK

144.9625MHz, 103.5Hz

MB7AHE -  Heacham, West Norfolk, UK

430.0750MHz, 94.8Hz

MB7ILP - Pwllheli, GWYNEDD, Wales, UK
144.9625MHz, 110.9Hz


MB7ANM - Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire UK
70.3875MHz, 82.5Hz


MB7INM - Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire UK
145.2875MHz, 82.5Hz

MB7IHN - Swansea, UK

145.3375MHz, 94.8Hz

MB7IDC - Mold, UK

145.2375MHz, 110.9Hz


MB7ILT - Altrincham, UK

144.9625MHz, 82.5Hz

MB7IST - Stoke-on-Trent UK

145.2875MHz, 103.5Hz

MB7ARH - Northwich, UK

70.3625MHz 103.5Hzb

MB7AZQ - Nafferton, East Yorkshire, UK

430.0375MHz 88.5Hz

MB7ISB -  Bridgend, South Wales, UK

145.2375MHz, 94.8Hz

MB7IHZ -  Penrith, UK

145.2875MHz, 103.5Hz

MB7IMA -  Mallaig, Scotland, UK

145.3375MHz, 88.5Hz

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