DMR BrandMeister

You can access HUBNet via DMR on the BandMeister System using Reflector 4426 or Talk Group 23526 - The video below will help you to programme an MD380 to access HUBNet.

Connecting to HUBNet via DMR BandMeister and standalone DMR Repeaters

Due to the nature of the system it is important that you listen for at least 3 minutes on first connecting to the reflector before you put out any calls. This is because when you first connect to the reflector you will not hear if there is already someone talking on HUBNet.

GB7ST - Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Output 439.4500MHz

Input 430.45000MHz

TS1 - HUBNet

GB7DJ - Northwich, UK
Output 439.6625MHz

Input 430.6625MHz

GB7JL - Lowton, Wigan, UK
Output 430.9625MHz

Input 438.5620MHz

TS1 - HUBNet

DMR Repeaters

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